Sunday, July 3, 2011

Washington Trip

(When I posted yesterday I messed up the order and it bugged, so I had to fix it)
In June we took a trip to Washington. The last time we had been there as a family Adam was 11 months old. It was high time!! We had so much fun in Washington. We went to the zoo, on a ferry to Vashon Island, Snoqualmie Falls, and we thoroughly enjoyed the cool weather. The boys loved running in and out of the house because they could actually play outside and not be sweating. I loved having bbqs outside and eating yummy food. So glad we got to go!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


May was a fun month: school got out, Adam got his cast off, father's and son's campout with tons of rain, and mother's day.

Before we left on our trip to Washington, we spent some fun days with friends at the library, McDonalds andn tried out the Cookie Haus in town. It was yummy and the boys loved it because they got to pick out exactly what cookie they wanted. We went to the neighborhood luau at the pool. Brody played in the little bit of water that was at the bottom of a bouncy blow up waterslide and got so mad when I took him away from it. But, it was gross and he was drinking it!

One of the boys' favorite thing to do is take silly pictures, they also did a puppet show for me:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

The boys had a great Halloween this year. Brody wore Log's hand me down Yoda costume, but it is still cute. Adam really wanted to be Batman, eventhough Billy tried to get him to be something a little more original, and Logan was Captain America. Don't look too closely at the costume b/c I made it...I tried my best. I had fun doing it eventhough it probably cost as much as buying it, the hope is that it will last longer this way b/c he will wear it every day! They had fun at the ward trunk or treat and at a friend Halloween party. They got gobs of candy and guess who else has been eating it? Me! Not good!! Brod has discovered how much he likes candy--also not good!

We also went to the pumpkin patch for preschool. Logan always has a good time, but by the end he is tired so he always wants to go home and tells me he didn't have fun. He is just a stinker sometimes! He decorated a pumpkin and we went on a hayride. I was tired by the end, luckily it wasn't hot!


All our bdays are fairly close together. Adam turned 6 this year. He chose to have a Transformers cake (one of the easier ones to make). We also went to Austin's Park and Pizza and had fun riding bumper boats, the cars, and climbing the wall. The pizza was definitely the downside. Billy actually heard they changed the name to just Austin's Park b/c the pizza is so bad! :)

Next was BG's bday, that's what we call him, or just Beege. He turned 1. Poor little thing was sick on his birthday. He had a really bad sore throat and owies in his mouth. He wasn't much for eating his cake. Since then he has come to LOVE cake! It was a low key day at home.

Logan just celebrated his bday in October turning 4. Again, he just wanted to have a family party. He got lots of Star Wars guys and Bionicles. The Star Wars are definitely a favorite at this house, but Billy has to hide the small parts so the boys don't lose them and so BG doesn't get them. Logan chose a clone trooper cake and it was a little more difficult. Again, don't look closely cuz it isn't that good, it is just something I have fun doing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're still here!

It has been forever since I've posted. I wasn't feeling too inspired on blogging for the past year. So much happens in a year, so it is kind of sad I haven't posted those things so we can remember them, but what can I say? I'm lazy!

Billy started a new position with his company a month or so ago, which also means a "new" truck. He got a black, unmarked truck. It isn't new by any means, but he was just glad to get rid of the yellow truck and not be a driving billboard. As for me, I don't really care, it was always easy to find the truck, now I actually have to remember where I park if I drive it to the store:)

Little Man is now a year! He is finally walking and I am glad. It's frustrating having a baby who can't walk, and plus, now he is much happier!

More recently I've been redecorating the downstairs. I was so tired of the red decor I had in my house. I enjoy decorating, doing crafts, and sewing, but sometimes I don't feel like I'm that good at it or all that inspired. It would be so nice to have my mom or sisters here to help give me ideas. Luckily there are so many blogs that I have found ideas/inspiration from. I've had fun buying new fabrics and sewing curtains and pillows. One thing I've gotten into recently is going to thriftstores to look for accessories or furniture. I never thought I'd like it, but I have fun trying to find something that I can either transform (paint) or use in my house for very inexpensive. Granted 95% of the things I come across are horrible, but there are some good things out there. I found a little entry table on craigslist a few weeks ago and painted it, it was pretty fun. Now, I am planning to paint the kitchen table.

Anyway, maybe I'll be better about posting this year!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Halloween '09

Okay, this is WAY after the fact but I just wanted to post a few pictures to remember it. Our boys love to dress up and they pick their costumes throughout the year, but it changes all the time. Once they decide and I make/buy it then it is locked in. Poor Adam was sick on Halloween. We found out he had pneumonia on Halloween. He'd been sick for awhile and I finally decided it was time for him to go to the dr. and then we found out how sick he really was. He still wanted to go trick-or-treating but he was tired much fast than he normally would have been, which was probably good news for Billy. We did miss out on the Trunk or Treat festivities but that's the way it goes I guess. Billy and I even went to a Halloween party. We had fun dressing up. Last minute I decided Brody also needed a costume so I whipped one up real quick.

Oh and in case you were wondering...Brody was Bam Bam from the Flintstones.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Smiles

Brody has started smiling a little here and there. Sometimes he'll look right at you with a big grin and other times he's smiling at something he sees and thinks is cool. I love his cute, little smile. He is sleeping better at night which I will not complain about. Too bad I fall asleep in the chair in his room after I feed him, sometimes 2-3 hours at a time. I am always waiting to get his burps out and then I just fall asleep--oh well.

I took a picture of him and suprisingly he smiled.